Fotoshooting for Scantex April 2019

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In April 2019 we had the great opportunity to accompany the photo shooting for the salesman catalogue. We did the styling for the photos and could put in scene the products which we designed before ourselves. This was a great pleasure and much satisfying to get the possibility and responsibility to work so extensively on a collection.

We made a photo briefing in which we defined accessories, furniture and backgrounds for each picture, bought and rented accessories, vegetables, flowers and then simply started to style each scene…..   It was a super efficient week in which we had a lot of fun and a wonderful outcome of photos.

As location we were allowed to use the rooms and as well all furniture of Möbel Schulenburg in Reinbek. We were supported by the excellent Scantex team which was so much motivated and involved. The photos did Klaus Becker from Hamburg, who gave full activity in order to realize our wishes.